Positive results for TPS® in breast cancer study performed in Czech Republic 

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Claes Henning New Scientific Advisor to IDL Biotech AB

IDL Biotech continues to strengthen its scientific knowledge by appointing an additional experienced scientific advisor. Read more here.    


 Patent approved in China

During 2015 the patent  ”Method for detection of cytokeratin 8, 18 and/or 19 and/or soluble fragments thereof” was approved in Sweden. The patent has now been approved in China and is valid until 2034. Read more here


Positive results for UBC® Rapid

- UBC® Rapid is recommended to be added in the diagnostics of high grade bladder cancer tumours in a German multicenter study. Read more here 
- Positive results for UBC® Rapid in a Swedish multicenter study. Read more here


 Positive results for UBC® Rapid in an

Austrian study

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