Charlotte Berg


Charlotte Berg joined IDL in 2009 as the Financial Manager, and after 7 years at IDL Charlotte was appointed as the new CEO. Prior to IDL, Charlotte was a financial manager at the biotech company, Cavidi AB.



Bild på Lars Skoglund

Lars Skoglund

Vice President Marketing & Sales

Lars Skoglund has extensive business and management experience within the life sciences, including pharmaceuticals and medical devices as well as diagnostics. The majority of his career has been with the former Pharmacia group. Lars joined IDL Biotech in 2006.


Ylva D´amico

R&D Manager

Ylva D’Amico has comprehensive knowledge of diagnostics development. Prior to joining IDL in 2004 as R&D Manager, Ylva was an R&D project leader at Sangtec Medical AB. 



Rahma Wehelie, Ph.d

R&D Manager

Rahma is an author/co-author of a number of research papers and has multidisciplinary. Rahma has more than 16 years of experience within a wide variety of scientific disciplines including microbiology, cell biology, biochemistry, infection biology, immunology, quality control and tumor biology from academic and biotechnology companies. Rahma joined IDL in 2017. 



Ola Eklund

Production Manager

 Ola Eklund has considerable experience within production of diagnostic products. Ola joined IDL in 1999. He was previously employed at Beki Diagnostics AB.


Lars Jakobsson

Financial manager

Lars has many years of experiences being CFO and holding different financial positions. Lars started his career in the Ericsson Mobile Phone division and has worked the last years as CFO in different biotech and telecom companys.  



Tina Yang

QA/Reg Manager

Tina Yang joined IDL in 2017. Tina holds a Ph.D. degree in Analytical Chemistry from Royal Institute of Technology. Tina has many years of experience within QC/QA/REG after working for AstraZeneca for fourteen years.